Wednesday 29th of May 2024

‘Surongo’ going housefull, becomes top gun in theatres

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Cinema halls that have turned ICUs for a long time have come back to life through the movies released on Eid. Meanwhile, the overflowing crowd of viewers in the movie ‘Surongo’ proves that good movies are always accepted by cinema lovers.

Actor Arfan Nisho made his debut on the big screen with ‘Surongo’ by the hand of director Raihan Rafi. Here too, it goes without saying that Arfan Nisho has touched the hearts of the audience with his skillful performance.

Basically, the story of every character in the movie was the heart of ‘Surongo’. Toma Mirza starred opposite Afran Nisho in this movie who proved herself long ago with OTT movies or web series.

Love, mystery, reality and the true story of life are revealed in the movie ‘Surongo’. Although this is nothing new, it has been seen in several movie stories before, however, it stopped midway. For several years now, the fans of Bengali cinema have met again. The audience wants this amazing flight to continue.

Most of the shows of the ‘Surongo’ movie are going housefull. The movie was released in 28 theaters on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha. However, on the second day of the movie’s release, 15 shows were extended in multiplexes due to the crowd and pressure of the audience. There were 9 shows in seven branches of multiplexes on Eid day. There were basically 18 shows on the second day. Now, 15 shows have been extended to accommodate the overflow crowd.

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